Todays garlic adventure

I made a dressing , my usual standard dressing of EVOO, minced garlic, S+P, chopped parsely and thyme, and I used it on some vegetables I grilled.  I did baby eggplant, zucchini, portobello mushrooms, and yams, and roasted garlic cloves.  the meat was grass fed, grain finished ground beef from the The Butcher Shoppe in Toronto.  It was more fatty,so medium beef.  The beef simply was seasoned with salt and pepper, dash of wooster sauce, and chopped scapes I had lying around in the freezer.  So we had a generous amount of garlic in the dressing and then the extra … Continue reading Todays garlic adventure

Manicured Stock prepared

here is some pics of finished garlic.  the stems are still moist inside a lot of them so still a couple more weeks to fully cure s Next I will sort the crop by strain and then compare and select next seasons seed and put those aside.  The rest can be used for eating, trading or selling…mostly eating.  I have no idea which ones are going to be used for planting and a thorough side by side comparison is carried out of all the garlic. Continue reading Manicured Stock prepared

Healthful benefits of raw

One of the biggest reasons that I grow garlic is to ensure I have a supply of high quality, organic, fresh and tasty garlic to use at my disposal not just for adding flavour to food, but for medicine.  Wasn’t it Hippocrates who said Let food be thy medicine?  Maybe the guy knew what he was talking about eh?  I like to peel a couple of cloves, put them on a plate and just slowly take a nip now and then.  Then, I carefully and slowly break it down into smaller pieces in my mouth and proceed to mince those … Continue reading Healthful benefits of raw

Pictures Series starts today

The purple stripe is a marbled purple stripe, Linda O.   On the close up shots I was trying to capture the amazing curves on this girl.  I was even amazed at peeling the skin.  unlike ordinary garlic clove skin it was like unzipping a canvas suitcase?  what can I say, it’s like there was a lot to it, like a real special package.  The cloves speak for themselves as you can see they are quite lovely no? All of the dishes there include garlic.  You see the fresh herbs along with a bunch of garlic, that is for my french … Continue reading Pictures Series starts today

Hey Danny Baily….the harvest is in.

last night we harvested the remaining garlic.  It was the Northern Quebec and the Linda Olesky.  My son and I were discussing which variety was this years winner and we are giving it to the Linda Olesky from Bob Klappstein via Boundary Garlic, BC.  This variety is a marbled purple stripe and is known for being a particularly mild garlic.  It was chosen because it grew like a champ in difficult conditions and produced very attractive bulbs of substantial weight.  Don’t worry pictures are coming soon. The Linda Olesky garlic surprised me.  It is capable of producing very colorful and … Continue reading Hey Danny Baily….the harvest is in.

harvest in full steam ahead

yesterday, July 8th, we harvested more than half the crop.  each plant has been individually tagged with a piece of coloured thread to keep the strains in order.  I have a few pics of the harvest in progress,  and will continue to update as we have more encounters with the garlic. I am not really familiar with the normal harvest garlic dates around this area, but last year I took many out on July 15th and the rest out on July 25.  This year, I took half out on July 8th and the rest will come out a few at … Continue reading harvest in full steam ahead

7th month, 7th day, 7 bulbs harvested

yes, I harvested a few today.  I wanted to do some more, but my son stopped me and said we should hold out for a bit longer.  I will take a picture and you can judge for yourself.  and by all mean let me know in the comments if you think they look ready or if I should give them another week.   the ones with the blue string is the local garlic I am calling St. Catharines garlic.,  the red string is Chesnok Red , the green stringed is unknown at this time as they were planted under Miscellaneous, The … Continue reading 7th month, 7th day, 7 bulbs harvested