Pictures Series starts today

The purple stripe is a marbled purple stripe, Linda O.   On the close up shots I was trying to capture the amazing curves on this girl.  I was even amazed at peeling the skin.  unlike ordinary garlic clove skin it was like unzipping a canvas suitcase?  what can I say, it’s like there was a lot to it, like a real special package.  The cloves speak for themselves as you can see they are quite lovely no? All of the dishes there include garlic.  You see the fresh herbs along with a bunch of garlic, that is for my french … Continue reading Pictures Series starts today

harvest in full steam ahead

yesterday, July 8th, we harvested more than half the crop.  each plant has been individually tagged with a piece of coloured thread to keep the strains in order.  I have a few pics of the harvest in progress,  and will continue to update as we have more encounters with the garlic. I mainly go by the look of the leaves.  that’s what I mean when I say ‘as I spot them’.   if around 1/3rd the tops and several leaves on the bottom have turned brown, then I think they are good to go. a good size clove but with … Continue reading harvest in full steam ahead