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Blade steak with garlic and scapes

I just thought I would make things a bit more interesting and also as a way to say thank you to the kind visitors to this site by adding some recipes from time to time that I have personally tried.  I bought a package of blade steak today and will show how I prepared it.  It is cooking right now as we speak for about the last 30 minutes, and will be done in about another 90 minutes or so. I can just now begin to get the sweet smell of this dish wafting thru the house as it slow cooks in my 7 liter cast iron enamel dutch oven by Cuisinart.  it is a rather rustic dish. so we’ll start by showing the ingredients that go into this.

beefblade with veg 002Here we see some smallish potatoes, onions, carrots, green pepper, some garlic cloves, that were purchased, a little fresh thyme, and a couple of scapes picked fresh from the garlic patch. the curly parsely is also from the garden as you probably recognize, it is only in the picture for garnish, and I don’t actually use it in the dish.

some of the garlic scapes, thyme, and parsely accompanied by store bought garlic
some of the garlic scapes, thyme, and parsely and some store bought garlic’

The next picture is the blade boneless steak that I am using.  I like to just season it with S and P first and give it a browning in my old black cast iron pan which was made in Quebec Canada by a company called Rockquilleont many decades ago, and I also show the other steak that was in the package which will go into the freezer.beefblade with veg 003 beefblade with veg 005 beefblade with veg 008

so just sear the meat on medium high heat for about 4 minutes per side

seared in my prized cast iron pan
seared in my prized cast iron pan

Rough chop your onions in half, carrots in thirds, I left my potatoes whole since they were smallish, cut green pepper big chunks, I also threw in the garlic cloves with skins, and just used a knife to put a slice into each clove, rough chopped the scapes and thyme.

roughly chops up the vegetables in big chunks
roughly chops up the vegetables in big chunks

Here is picture of the beef broth I added the whole box which is 900 ml.    I usually use about 2.5 Cups of broth, but I wanted to see what would happen if I add the whole box this time.  I have a big 7 liter dutch oven so I think it will be ok.beefblade with veg 012

so this next picture is the meat at the bottom with the vegetables on top and then I poured in a carton of beef broth, fix your lid on tight and cook on medium for about 5 minutes, then turn to low for 2 hours or until the meat becomes tender. or else turn your oven to 300 degree and put your dutch oven in there.

I like to just use my stove top because the bloody pot is too heavy.  beefblade with veg 013The next picture is of my faithful friend who always enjoys watching me cook and enjoys tasting some of the ingredients.  He likes a little carrot sticks.beefblade with veg 009

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